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Last Update December 19th, 2017: The new Honda Navigation DVD has been released for 2018 and comes with the latest Honda Navigation System Updates which will let you update your GPS maps with all the latest content, directions, and routes that will have changed or appeared since you last installed Honda Map Updates.  The latest disc and CD maps are all included on the new 2018 Honda HERE DVD.  Should you wish to get the best price deals and purchase options then please click on the links and banners on this page.  If you want more information on the Honda GPS Update DVD and how you can install the new maps then please read our informative guide set out below.

Honda GPS Updates – New for 2018

Updating your Honda Navigation System has never been easier, and the new Honda Navigation DVD 2018 is out now.  It was released in the Fall of 2018 and can be purchased officially and direct from the HERE  Navigation Store.  New Honda Navigation DVD Updates are released annually and the map updates included on the CD and Disc are compatible with all Honda cars and models that come with the factory-installed dashboard GPS device.  For a full list of models and years please continue down the page.

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Why Buy Honda Navigation System Updates?

By buying the new cheap Honda Navigation DVD you can be sure that your dashboard navigation is completely up to date as it can possibly be with the most current last version database of the digital maps supplied by HERE.  The latest 2018 map updates include:

  • New roads
  • New streets
  • New highways
  • Changes to the road network
  • Changes to sub-divisions
  • Updates to business addresses
  • Millions of new POI (points of interest files)

By getting the new Honda Navigation System Updates you can drive with renewed confidence and lessen the chance of getting lost or not being on time for your appointments.  The routes included will be as accurate as money can buy with this latest software release.

The latest 2018 Honda HERE DVD covers all the verified and unverified roads that are in the 48 contiguous states – so if you are driving in North America and need accurate maps on your GPS then this is the best update for you to purchase.  Please note that the new disc also comes with millions of points of interest files.  These are very handy because they let you search your location for useful items to navigate to – so for example you can find shopping malls, restaurants, tourist attractions, and much more – all at the touch of button which will let your Honda GPS take you straight there.

Which Honda Navigation DVD Update For You?

It does not matter which model of Honda vehicle or car that you drive.  If you own a car which comes with the in-built dashboard Honda Navigation System then we have HERE DVDs and map updates to suit you and your needs.  Honda GPS Updates are easy to install from disc and will be 100% compatible with your system.  If you do not know which map update version you need to buy you can check on your existing DVD – there will be number that looks something like this: Ver:x.xx.

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Below a list of models and years so you can be sure you are choosing the correct Honda DVD map update.  Don’t worry if you don’t see your model, simply click here for the best price Honda Navigation DVDs and you will be able to choose your version from an easy to use selector tool.

  • Honda Accord Navigation (and Accord Crosstour)
  • Honda Accord FHEV & PHEV
  • Honda CR-Z Navigation
  • Honda CRV Navigation
  • Honda Civic Navigation
  • Honda Element Navigation
  • Honda Fit Navigation
  • Honda HR-V
  • Honda Insight Navigation
  • Honda Odyssey Navigation
  • Honda Pilot Navigation
  • Honda Ridgeline Navigation

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The 2018 Honda GPS Update Will Save You Money

Recent research conducted by Navteq discovered that drivers who use a GPS with accurate and up to date maps can expect to actually save money on fuel and gas bills – as well as reducing their carbon footprint in the form of CO2 emissions.  How is this?  Well, if you have the luxury of accurate maps, routes, and directions you will spend less time behind the wheel, can avoid traffic jams, and get to your destination on time and more efficiently.

The research found that a driver who uses a new GPS update can expect to save $450 dollars a year on fuel, 129 gallons of fuel, and a massive 958kg of CO2 each year.  These numbers are based on average driving styles of an American driver taken from the US Department of Transport – where on average a driver will pay $3.5 Dollars a gallon on gas an drive around 15,000 miles every year.

See How Much Money You Can Save with Map Updates

So as you can see, the Honda Navigation DVD is cheap when you consider how much money it can save you each and every year that you update your GPS navigation maps with the latest software.

Installing Honda Navigation System Updates from DVD

If you do decide to buy Honda Map Updates then you can expect to wait a few days for your new disc software to arrive.  Once it does the process of knowing how to update your Honda Navigation System is very easy and simple.  However, if you do struggle to do this correctly then here below are some instructions to help you get them loaded into your GPS disc-drive.

  1. Start your car up and leave the ignition on.
  2. If you Honda GPS does not initiate then make sure you power it on.
  3. Eject the existing Honda Navi DVD if it is in your disc-drive.
  4. Insert your new Honda Navigation DVD 2018 into the disc-drive.
  5. Enter in your HERE Customer ID number (you can find this on the CD packaging).
  6. Your Honda GPS Update will now commence so let it run, confirming any on-screen prompts.

It should take no longer than 30 minutes to install the new software, so be prepared to wait and be patient.  There is a lot of data to install – remember, this is loading in every single road and street that comes on North American maps so there’s a lot of information involved.

Please do not turn your Honda GPS off during the install process as this can lead to errors and might mean that you need to seek assistance in installing your new Honda Navigation Disc.

Honda Navigation DVD Downloads and Hacks

Whatever you do, do not attempt to download torrents, hacks, or pirate versions of the Honda Navigation System Update disc because it will not work.  Every single DVD comes with a unique customer serial number that suits you – and without that you cannot do a Honda Navi Update.

You might even damage your dashboard GPS by installing a hacked disc version, leading to an invalid guarantee and warranty of the product.  Please also note that many of the websites that promise to give you a Honda Navigation System DVD for free could even lead to infecting your PC or Mac with a virus.

Honda Accord Navigation DVD

The Accord is one of the most popular models that come with dashboard navigation and buying GPS map updates for this car have never been easier.  The Accord has been around for years since 1976, but it wasn’t until recently that it became one of North America’s best selling cars.

Honda Accord Car

In 2010 alone there were over 300,000 sold – and many of those came with the Honda Accord Navigation System included.  If you want to get the most from your Accord then we recommend that your buy the new 2018 DVD today using the links on this page – meaning you can get from A to B with little to no interruption!

Honda Civic Navigation DVD

Another popular model is the Civic which is America’s 6th best selling motor vehicle.  The car comes with plenty of optional extras, with one of the most useful being the Honda Civic Navigation System.

Civic Car Model

Make sure you update the maps on your GPS this year in 2018 so you continue to get the most from your Civic.  The Honda Civic GPS even comes with Voice Navigation on the majority of the range including Type R, Coupe, Si Sedan, HF, Hybrid, and Sedan models.

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