Nissan Navigation DVD 2018 and System Updates

Click for the Best Price Nissan Navigation DVD DealsLast Update December 17th, 2017: It is that time of year when the all-new Nissan Navigation DVD for 2018 is out and ready to purchase.  If you need to update your Nissan’s Navigation System then please check out this page which includes everything you need to know about the 2018 Nissan Navigation System Update, including links to the official store where you can get the cheapest online deals and best prices on the new GPS map updates disc and CD.

Best Price Nissan Navigation DVD 2018

Click on the banner on this page to get the best price Nissan Navigation upgrade deals.  New maps have now been released for 2018 which include any changes that occurred since the last Nissan Navigation map install that you performed.

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Why Buy the New Nissan Navigation System DVD

By buying a Nissan Navigation Update you can be sure that you have the latest directions possible on your in-dashboard GPS.  Use the links in on this website to get the best price HERE DVDs that will be compatible with Nissan vehicles and let you benefit from:

  • The confidence of driving with the knowledge you have the most up to date maps possible
  • The ability to quickly and efficiently find a faster route around a detour
  • The comfort of being able to find the nearest gas station, accommodation, ATM, or place to eat using the POI database (points of interest)
  • No longer have to ask a stranger for directions

How to Update a Nissan Navigation System

Installing new GPS maps from disc into your Nissan vehicle or car will differ slightly from model to model, but as a general rule you should follow these instructions when updating your Nissan GPS with the latest and most up to date Navigation System Update on DVD.

  1. Start up your Nissan’s engine.
  2. Turn on the Nissan Navigation System (although in some models this might be automatic).
  3. Press the “info” button and then highlight the “map update” option and press “enter”.
  4. Find your car’s disc and DVD drive (occasionally this is located underneath the front passenger seat).
  5. Insert your new Nissan Navigation DVD/disc (you might need to eject the existing version).
  6. Now you can highlight the “DVD Update” option on the display and hit “Enter”.
  7. You will now be prompted to enter in your unique customer authentication code which should be printed on the Nissan Navigation disc casing.
  8. Once your serial number is entered into the console the Nissan GPS map update will start and when finished will notify you on the screen.

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The Nissan Navigation System

Installing Nissan Navigation Updates should take no longer than thirty minutes.  However, please pay careful attention not to remove the Nissan DVD or turn off the ignition of the vehicle whilst you do the software upgrade because this can lead to a corrupted install.  On some occasions this will require that you seek the help of a qualified Nissan engineer or mechanic.

Other tips when handling the DVD-ROM is to try not to bend it and don’t use any disc in the dashboard navigation that might be bent or cracked.  Do not stick any stickers to the surface of the disc or write anything on it.  Plus, never use DVD laser lens cleaners on the Nissan Navigation System DVD because this could cause your Nissan GPS to stop working properly.

About the Nissan Navigation System

The GPS Navigation device that comes in Nissan cars is one of the best factory-installed dashboard units across any of the major car brands, for example it rates higher in consumer reviews when compared to the Ford Navigation System.

What Nissan Vehicles Come with Dashboard GPS

Since 2001 Nissan vehicles have come with the optional choice of having GSP pre-installed into the dashboard.  The following ranges can come with the Nissan Navi device installed and using the links on this page you can find the best price Nissan Navigation DVDs to upgrade your particular model.

This table shows which 2018 Nissan DVD you will need to update with.  Please note that ALL NISSAN MODELS need an update in 2018 – to see the official HERE selector which matches your update up to your navigation system please click here.

Nissan Navigation Hacks and Torrent Discs

You will see some websites online that promise to be able to show you how to hack the Nissan Navigation System, or will provide some link to a torrent file that you can burn to CD or disc yourself in order to mimic the official navigation disc.  Don’t be fooled into believing that this will work because you only run the risk of damaging your Nissan’s GPS and invalidating any warranty or guarantee that you have with the dealer.  Not only that, but downloading software in this manner could compromise the security of your PC and result in your having a virus infect your computer.  Nissan Navigation DVD download sites have been known to be full of viruses.

All official Nissan Navigation System Update discs come with a unique customer identification numbers which can only be used once – meaning a hacked version of the disc is impossible to replicate.